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Delhi, known by many as the ‘Dill’ or the heart of India is the second most populous city in the world. Crowned as the capital of India in 1939 by the then Viceroy Lord Irwin, Delhi or Delhi as it soon came to be known is also the largest city in the country. Teeming with a population of around 22 million people belonging to various cultures and origins, Delhi is a kaleidoscope of all that India represents.

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Delhi The Financial decision maker

Dubbed as the political and financial centre of India from the days of the Mughals, Delhi still retains some of its old glory and defines several important financial decisions for most Organisations which has its headquarters based in Delhi. Primary among these decisions is being able to define the crucial marketing campaigns for businesses. In the current context bulk SMS services occupy a significant position in marketing campaigns. Bulk SMS services in Delhi, therefore, play a large role in the city’s economic scenario.

Bulk SMS Service iN Delhi The Language of Retail marketing

Retail Marketing involves the activities that lead to promoting and selling a finished product. Delhi being one of the biggest retail destinations is the focal point for retailers to direct all their marketing efforts. The Bulk SMS Services in Delhi are one such tool. The popularity of this tool and its subsequent success in helping retailers achieve their goal is a testimony of their being accurate in analysing the consumer trends and devising strategies appropriately.

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