Consent Template Registration Process

Consent Template: Standard message that is sent to end users of enterprises to inform the scope of the consent with a mention to receive communications on promotions and offers for specific products and services.

·         All Entities should align as per the following Guidelines:

o   Registration of the consent template is a pre-requisite for uploading consents

o   Consent Template should not contain any variables

o   Brand/PE/Trade/Legal Name must be captured in consent template

o  Scope of consent must be mentioned explicitly 

Please follow the below steps for registration:

  • Template Name: Name as per their choice
  • Brand Name: Their product/trade name or if they have multiple brand names
  • Scope of consent: Type of communications they want to send to end users (We would like to send communication regarding all marketing offers and events to our registered customers. {opt-out procedure can also be given}). It should not contain any actual message

Examples: 1. Happy to receive communication regarding all marketing offers and events

  1. Hamara Homes would seek your consent to serve you better and inform best offers. Pls send YES to XXXXX to confirm
  2. Dear customer, thank you for your interest in our upcoming 3BHK project in Mulund. We will keep you informed on the progress and offers. To confirm, call us on XXXXXXXXXX

With above details filled, enterprises can submit templates for approval. There is no limit on number of consent templates that can be registered by an Entity. Post approval by the registrar, enterprise can link these consent templates with choice of content templates (promotional/ Service Explicit category only). Transactional and Service Implicit messages don’t need a consent.

DOs for consent templates:

  • Choose short name to a template which is relevant. This helps in choosing right consent template while tagging to content templates
  • Brand name should be relevant
  • Scope of content should be clear, explicit, and relevant
  • If entity wants to provide opt-out information, that needs to be provided completely. E.g “To opt-out, send SMS as STOP to 56789”

DON’Ts for consent templates:

  • Not to use generic names for templates like Template1, ABC,
  • Not to mention invalid or irrelevant names under brand. This will be treated as invalid by Registrar
  • Not to enter actual message sent to the customer or short message like “consent; sms to customers; ”
  • No variable to be used in scope of consent
  • Multiple consents may not be required, since same Consent Template can be tagged to multiple Content Templates

Can consent templates be used immediately after Registration?

  • The consent templates can be used only after it is approved by the Registrar. Enterprise will be notified post approval.

As an Enterprise, can I acquire consent without registering a consent template?

  • Consent should be tagged to Consent template while registering consents on DLT.

Can Enterprise edit any details once the consent template is registered?

  • No, the Consent template cannot be edited once it is registered. The Enterprise must create a new template and send it for approval.
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